Gay Life and why I write it…

Allot of people always ask me why I tend to write more Gay Fiction than anything else and I don’t usually have a reply for them although usually it’s more because I don’t want to reply to them, it’s my choice – right? I can write what I want without people having ask why – right?

Recently I went to see the April Ashley exhibit in the Liverpool Museum and it was fascinating completely fascinating whilst I was there my dad asked me why I enjoyed learning about LGBT issues and LGBT culture and I had really nothing to reply, he then asked me if I had a point to get across when I write and I thought more into that.

I began writing Gay Fiction when I was fourteen, then I didn’t have a point to get across I was more just experimenting with writing different characters and different perspectives but as I’ve grown older and became thinking more in-depth about my writing.

My point is usually that you should feel good about yourself no matter what (I know very Disney Channel Original Movie) I like to write people conquering things or growing in confidence. Recently I’ve branched out and began writing different kind of people and I always find it interesting researching finding real peoples point of views, finding real peoples experiences and real events that have happened.

I’d like to also put forward that I don’t just write Gay Porn. If there’s a sex scene within my book there is usually a reason for it and sometimes it can be as simple as the characters love each other.

I decided to take some stats due to peoples presumptions.

Gay Graph

Overall I found I had more straight characters within my books than Gay characters. Of course when you put it into a graph of the Gay Main Characters against Straight (Bisexual and Asexual) Main Characters

main character

The numbers explain enough. But I will never stop writing Gay characters until I want to stop, I will continue to do what I want to without having to explain it to people.




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5 responses to “Gay Life and why I write it…

  1. Why are asexual and pansexual counted in the same bar? Those are pretty much complete opposites. Seems like it would make more sense to group bi and pan together.

  2. It’s so rare to find asexual characters, thank you for including us! That being said I would be interested to know how you wrote them, I’m asking on the assumption that most of your work has a romantically driven plot. Did you simply switch to an ace that wasn’t aromantic? Or was the one main character from the blue bar on your second graph pansexual?

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