The Difference between Living and Learning

I’ve been a writer for about four/five years now and as I’ve continued to write I’ve worked out that I learn more than doing it than I did in my many English Lessons through the process of School.

First thing’s first. I am dyslexic so sitting at a desk and trying to take in what some one is saying to me will never work as much as those teachers may try (and I had quite wonderful relationships with my Year 9, 10 and 11 English Teachers), the point however is that I was never going to improve by just listening to someone saying it.

I became a writer, officially, when I was 15 during a Creative Writing class but I’d had an attempt at it before all on pen and paper and full of spelling and grammatical mistakes. This continued through my early work where I can almost guarantee if you read an early book of mine that they’ll be a lack of full stops, commas and whenever I meant Definitely I wrote Defiantly!

I am now 18 and although there may still be a comma missing occasionally everything else is there (and definitely is spelt right). But I’ve found that I learnt where to put comma’s, full stops and how to spell certain words through my own development rather than someone talking me through it.

Of course I’m not perfect, I still need to sit beside my more grammatically intelligent friends every now and again and make sure my sentence makes sense never mind if it’s right or not but I’ve learnt.

I now find myself putting commas and full stops in people’s sentences when they talk to me, I’ll work out were the comma would’ve gone or were the full stop is, I’ll break down a sentence and work out peoples speaking patterns and when in-particular people take pauses and put different bits of punctuation in their sentences.

Spelling of course wasn’t as straightforward, I do spend an awful lot of time saying the sounds of words and repeating a certain bit of the words. I also use Siri to correctly spell a word as long as I can pronounce the word Siri will spell it for me and you are capable to copy the spelling of the word into a document, that I’ve found is very helpful as sometimes the phonetic spelling of the word is well off the actual spelling.

So my theory is that if you make a child learn something it’ll have a harder time going in and staying in but if a child/person is doing something of their own accord, something they are inspired by, passionate about you’ll find they’ll learn the important stuff that comes with it quicker and in their own way. Of course I know this doesn’t apply to every human being, there are exceptionsbut as a general view I’ve found this to work and found that usually letting someone do something in their own time, in their own way works better than shoving information down their throats.


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