Meet the Gay Brigade

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The Gay Brigade

The Gay Brigade consists of Callum Jones, Ryan Mitchell, Darren Jones, Matthew Cooper, Ellie James and Natalie Matthews.

But these stories are just about Callum, Ryan and Darren.

Callum Jones has lived alone since he was 10. His parents have just never been around but have always paid for the house and for Callum’s living expenses. Up until the age of 10, Callum lived with his brother Shane but when Shane turned 16 he left home also and became an alcoholic. Callum learned how to fend for himself from a young age. He has always had the support of Ryan’s mum Catherine, who would have willing adopted him when he was 5 and she found out about his living situation but he refused although always knew that the door was always open for him. Callum from the age of 9 experiences strange days, days were he just stops, he doesn’t function and he can’t move from his bed. Ryan tends to be the only one who can look after him in his strange days because Callum dislikes anyone else seeing him weak.

Ryan Mitchell lives with his mother Catherine after his dad died before he was born. Catherine was a young mum (17) and has the help of her friend Pete who was also a friend of Ryan’s dad. Ryan has grew up very fond of musical theatre, singing and playing the guitar although his hand-eye coordination is zero. Ryan although has a brilliant voice and is very talented on the guitar (although has two left feet) is very scared to perform in front of people and has to get over his insecurities before he can become what he’s always wanted to.

Darren Jones is the youngest in his household, mum, dad and big sister Georgia. Darren doesn’t do particularly well in tests and always falls below his predicted grade during an exam but Darren doesn’t really care about that because all he wants to do is cook. Darren loves to cook and share what he makes with anyone who’d taste it but Darren is also very, very shy and will never approach someone he doesn’t know first.

The Gay Brigade will be available now and you can find out more about the entire series here:!gay-brigade/cfwx




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