I met One Direction Today…


Okay No I didn’t. I met a tribute band, but what I found interesting was the reaction from the 200 Brownies in the hall with me.

They were really talked up, the group of 7-10 year old girls truly believed the One Direction where going to be on that stage in that school hall, their hope was amazing and of course there was a air of disappointment when Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall didn’t come on stage.

But it was a 45 minute show and at the end of those 45 minutes I could’ve sworn those girls had made themselves believe that those 5 boys on that stage were One Direction, the scream when they said autographs and pictures was very, very loud, the one child who was in tears because she wanted her arm signed, the hugs and the wanting to touch these 5 boys was as if the real 1D were there.

And it made me think. Yes there was a little disappointment there but these boys were reasonably cute (very cute!) and they could sing and that was all the 200 girls needed and they fell in love with them and it honestly amazed me.

I didn’t know what it was, I wouldn’t say it was hope but it was something that turned that group of girls who were all sat on the floor looking at the 5 boys who were supposed to be One Direction to the group of girls who were screaming and jumping and singing along with the 5 boys who were not One Direction but were the next best thing.


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