I’m quite the fan  of little connections within my stories and they’re always things that you probably wouldn’t notice otherwise.


My first and my most obvious is that I tend to send any of my characters aged 10 – 16 to the same school. Kingsbury High School, unless in special circumstances (Treble Clef – The Goldstein Academy, The Day Before – Shakespeare Academy for Boys, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies – Astaire Academy). As Kingsbury is a mixed school it works for all my characters and every character that is the same age are in the same class.

Most of my 15/16 year old characters are in Mr Elliot’s class who made his first appearance in Choreography . Mr William Elliot attended University with Caleb Lewis, one of the main characters in Adventures in Twinville and has worked in Kingsbury from the age of 23 and has taught a vast majority of my characters, some of which you can see in Teaching Techniques.

My Second is any character over the age of 16 tend to attend college unless they stay at Kingsbury Sixth Form like Jake Yates (Barking at the Moon) and Alfie Necrosis (Death’s Apprentice). Most of my college characters are either on Acting, Theatre Technology or Photography (write what you know and all). If the characters are in Acting or Musical Theatre they are at some point taught by Jonathan Lawrence, who also attended University with Caleb Lewis. Jonathan appears in various books after his first appearance in Romeo and Julian, you can then see him appearing in Released and Taylor.

A third is through friendships. For example Jason Baker (Trapped and Released)  is best friends with Noah Logan (Sex Education, Released and Gay Brigade), Noah is also friends with Lottie Kelly (Sex Education).

Ryan Mitchell (Superstar and Gay Brigade) is best friends with Callum Jones (Gay Brigade) and Darren Jones (Gay Brigade and Bon Voyage) and of course Nathan Buffy (Spotlight) who is in the McKenzie Jackson Academy with him.

Michael Jacobs (Rapture) attends school with Luke Clark (Bon Voyage and Gay Brigade) as they are both American it is impossible for them to attend Kingsbury.

Patrick Whiteside (Stanley Street and Heart Rate) when hospitalised due to his HIV is in the same ward as Ralph Newton (Taylor and Heart Rate).

Jack Nicholas (Superstar, Spotlight and Moot) who begins dating Liam Matthews (Moot) is in the same Scout Group as Flynn Phillips (Encounter)

I find little connections make the books just that little more interesting and make people curious to learn more about that character or about their relationship. I obviously as you can tell have far too much fun with my connections but feel if I’m going to do them, they have to be done well.

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