Writing Bon Voyage is making me Nostalgic


In July this book of mine will be the 24th book I’ve published but now as I’m just writing the end of it it’s really making me very, very nostalgic.

I began writing this on the Cruise I went on last year for 2 weeks (19th July – 3rd August). Darren and Luke were just created because I was a little too old for the Kids Club (Sorry Teens Club) and just a bit too young (not 18) for the adult entertainment, so a lot of the time I was caught in the middle with  little to do so I began writing Darren and Luke, a romance on a two-week cruise. I began sending bits of Bon Voyage to my friend J.D. Barkley via postcards, every stop we stopped at I picked up a postcard, some stamps and sent her bits of the story because we were completely cut off, no Wi-Fi, no Texts, no nothing so I couldn’t talk to her whilst I was doing it so I didn’t know her response to this story but I continued writing it anyway.

I had one check on my Facebook every few days (thanks to my dad’s phone) and could have at max an hours conversation or just upload a picture (that I did by mistake since I’d just cut my hair and not told anyone!).

But when I came home I had to get back to every other book I was currently writing and having to get ready for publishing, so I only really picked Darren and Luke backup a few months ago and all these feelings are coming back from that two-week cruise. We have booked one for this year (24th July) but writing Bon Voyage is not only making me want July to come quicker it’s also making me miss last years cruise far too much. It’s rare you can say they were the best two weeks but they were they were definitely the best two weeks in 2013 and I’d do anything to go back there.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                                      Brugge – Belgium

              GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                              Wandermure – Germany

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                                 Stockholm – Sweden

0061                                                                                Helsinki – Finland

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                                St Petersburg – Russia

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                                    Tallinn – Estonia

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                           Copenhagen – Denmark

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA                                                           The Various Coke Bottles I collected


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