As Gay Marriage became legal in the UK today…

I thought I’d treat to a wedding scene I wrote a few months back, which is finally actually legal!

So I present DYAN’s (Ryan and Daniel’s of Superstar and Gay Brigade) Wedding.


“Do you remember we used to talk about this” Callum said as we sat in his car in the McDonald’s car park eating our McDonald’s breakfast
“I remember we used to imagine it and think it was never going to happen”
“I recall marrying you once though”
“In my garden, with daisy rings” I said laughing “You wore a pillow case as a veil”
“Yeah and we used your mums flowers as a bouquet and she wanted to murder us”
“That was less scary than this”
“What are you scared of?” He asked turning and sitting cross-legged looking at me “You love Daniel”
“I know I do” I said leaning against the door “I know I really do, it’s just” I said then leant forward “You know when you think, alright yeah Dan and I have been boyfriends for about eight years and I’ve lived with him for about five of those years but now, it’s like I’m going to stand there and say I will spend all the rest of the years I have with this guy”
“So your just scared of how long that could be” he said as I nodded, I then saw him smile “You’ll be fine Ryan” he said then nudged my chin “I know you’ll be fine, and you know why?”  He asked and I shook my head “Because you are Ryan fucking Mitchell who snogged his boyfriend of five weeks on national television and is still with the damn boy eight years later” he said then hit me slightly “Basically you two have to be together” he said and that made me laugh
“Because if Dyan don’t get married there’s no hope for no one” he said and I leant against the door laughing “So put our rubbish in the bin and let’s get you married” he said and I saluted taking the paper bag.

“Half an hour call” Nathan’s voice said knocking on my door and making me laugh
“We’re not doing a show” I said as he came in
“Oh this’ll be a show in its self” he said and I snorted a little
“Gee thank you” I said standing and hugging him
“Now Ryan” he said holding my shoulders “You still have a chance, get yourself a mank” Nathan said and I heard Callum almost choke behind me
“Oh honey” I said stroking Nathan’s hair behind his ear “Speak Welsh and I’ll marry you” I said as he scrunched his nose in thought
“No” he said shaking his head,
“If you so badly want a scouser there’s a single on behind me” I said holding his shoulder whilst also hearing over dramatic ‘ahs’ from behind me
“Hm intriguing” Nathan said then looked behind me “Reception, you me?” He asked Callum
“I’m game” Callum replied making me turn and look at him quite shocked
“He’s a treat I’ll give you that, just terrible bedside manners” I said then looked between them “Actually both of you had terrible bedside manners” I said as Callum came towards me
“You’ve had both of us?” Nathan asked me as I nodded,
“Yes” I stretched out “Now give me a hug” I said putting my arm out to Callum since I already had Nathan and hugging them both
“You ready?” Callum asked and I hummed a little then felt him kiss my cheek “Come on Mitchell” he said then with Nathan’s aid took my hands and led me to the room we were getting married in.

The instrumental slowly faded out giving me a chance to exchange a wide-eyed look with Daniel as he sat playing with his fingers, then the man doing our ceremony stood and we both got a tiny bit of stage fright.
“Good Morning  ladies and gentleman, welcome to Adam Street for the Civil Partnership Ceremony of Ryan Mitchell and Daniel Bussel. This place in which we are now met has been duly sanctioned according to law for the registration of Civil Partnerships.  If any person present knows of any lawful impediment to this partnership they should declare it now.” He paused and so did Dan and my breathing, but it remained silent  “Today marks the beginning of the rest of Ryan and Daniel’s lives together. By entering into a Civil Partnership today the bond between this couple will grow stronger day by day, month by month and year after year. These two people will build upon the love and commitment they have already shown to one another. Love that has brought us all here for this celebration today.” He said then nodded to us telling us to stand. ” Ryan and Daniel the words that you are both about to say declare your love and commitment to one another” he said joining our hands,
“I promise that I will be there for you Daniel each and every day. In good times and bad I will be by your side. I will be your guardian, your partner and support you on our lifelong journey together.” I said then smiled at Daniel as his eyes glittered
“I promise that I will be there for you Ryan each and every day. In good times and bad I will be by your side. I will be your guardian, your partner and support you on our lifelong journey together” he replied grinning at me and almost making me laugh with how childish his grin was
“Could you all stand” he requested and the congregation stood accompanied with chair squeaks  “Ladies and gentlemen Ryan and Daniel have brought rings with them today. The full circle of the rings symbolises the complete love between two people. Ryan and Daniel will now exchange rings and say the words that will formally declare them both civil partners in law.” He said and I turned to Callum who put the ring in my hand, I squeezed it slightly then looked at Daniel
“I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and commitment to you. I will wear it with pride at all times each and every day. I promise to be open and truthful with you and no distance or obstacle will get in our way. With love from the deepest of my heart I Ryan Mitchell take you Daniel Bussel to be my civil partner in law.” I said whilst sliding the ring onto Daniels ring finger, he looked at it then turned to McKenzie getting mine.
“I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and commitment to you. I will wear it with pride at all times each and every day. I promise to be open and truthful with you and no distance or obstacle will get in our way. With love from the deepest of my heart I Daniel Bussel take you Ryan Mitchell to be my civil partner in law” he said back and put my ring on.
“Ladies and gentlemen the couple are about to sign the schedule that will make them legal civil partners. Ryan and Daniel please read back to me together the following words before you sign your schedule today.” He said then looked at us as we both nodded
“I declare that I know not of any legal reason why we may not register as each others partner. I understand that on signing this document we will be forming a civil partnership with each other.”  Daniel and I repeated back together then both grinned and willingly took the pen from him and both wrote our signatures.
“Ryan and Daniel you have both demonstrated your lifelong commitment to one another today. In the presence of your friends, family and witnesses it gives me great pleasure in declaring that you are now both civil partners to one another. Congratulations” he said smiling at us then nodding to us saying, go on kiss each other. So we did, wrapping our arms around each other and embracing each other whilst kissing, and Daniel even slipped some tongue in. I pulled away and leant my head on his holding his arms that he had around my waist
“I love you” I whispered to him and seeing him smile
“I love you too” he whispered back grinning at me as the music for us to leave began, so I took his hand
“Resist all urge to sing” I whispered to him making him laugh as we began the walk down the centre getting out of the door, watching them close then both began singing the song from where we’d heard it last until we got to the end of the song and looked at each other
“We’re married” Daniel said after looking at his hand and making me laugh
“Yes, yes we are” I said nodding to him then technically caught him as he jumped into a hug with me as the doors opened again this time revealing McKenzie and Callum. Who both hugged us then directed us to we’re we were actually meant to be. Which was in the garden to get some pictures done, once the photographer had deemed our photos perfect he let us back in finding all our guests stood outside the room where the wedding breakfast will take place with various glasses of orange juice and champagne, I lost Daniel almost instantly since he went to his grandparents but it was okay because I got kidnapped by my mother and took to were Ellie, Callum and my grandma were.
“A married man ay” my grandma said shaking her head at me making me laugh a little as Callum gave me a glass of champagne.
“Wasn’t as scary as you thought” Callum said and I laughed throwing back the champagne
“It was terrifying” I said nodding “I’d rather go on stage without knowing the script” I said laughing
“But it was worth it” mum said and I nodded “And I can finally legally call Daniel my son-in-law”  she said happily
“And Ryan he’s now officially your husband” Callum said as I nodded
“That’s a little scary also” I said then looked back at him as he smiled and squeezed my shoulder “Go on” he said pushing me away by my shoulder and mostly towards the group of competition guys.
“First to get married” Jack said as I stood beside him “Fifty quid” he said putting his hand out to Nathan making him laugh
“How’s it feel?” Nathan asked and I shrugged
“No different” I said then laughed “But I suppose he’s always been my husband” I said as I got basically congratulated by all twelve of the guys
“Looks like husband wants you” Cory said putting his hands on my shoulders and making me look for Daniel, finding him still with his grandparents but also looking for someone, I’m presuming me. So I went to him.
“There you are” he said laughing a little “They wanted to give us something” he said then looked at me “Which I can probably tell you what it is” he said so I laughed “But it has to be given to both of us” he explained so I nodded frowning at him, then nodded as his grandad talking Welsh to us both, until he finished and I looked at Daniel
“We wish you many happy years” he translated for me then took the box he was being offered “diolch i chi” Daniel said to them so I nodded, he laughed a little then took a step closer to me, taking the lid of the box and looking at me as I looked at him confused
“It’s a llwy garu” he said and that didn’t help me at all “A love spoon” he said and I began nodding “Usually the man gives one to his wife but you can give them as gifts” he explained to me then folded back the tissue paper
“What do the symbols mean?” I asked as he grinned a little
“The heart, love, horseshoe, good luck, bell, many anniversaries together in harmony, the dragon, protection” he said then looked closer “On the heart it says our names” he said
“Wow” I said looking at him as he nodded
“And the date on the actual spoon” he said then looked at his grandad asking him something then looking back at me “He made it for us” Daniel said and my eyes widened
“That’s, wow” I said making Daniel laugh
“It’s tradition”
“It’s still wow, I mean hats off” I said and got a very confused look off his grandparents as Daniel talked to them again then hugged them both
“Come on” he said taking my hand and leading me to we’re the wedding breakfast was. we checked over the seating plan accepting it then went into the room that’d been completely decorated making us both coo.
“Are you ready… Husband?” I asked holding his hand and feeling him squeeze it
“Yep, husband” he said grinning like a child at me.


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