Writing without speaking!


So as of recently I’ve came up with a book plot (as I do quite regularly) and decided to make the character who’s point of view it’s from Mute.

And I’ve been finding it really quite interesting. I of course like every new project tried to research as well as I could but there doesn’t seem to be much on the internet that I could find and I also began realising how hard the everyday world is for someone who’s mute.

The natural urge to write the main character replying through words is really hard to stop and having to take a extra few minutes to try and think of a signal or a hand gesture to get his point across also writing someone doing sign language can be quite hard to word.

I’ve also been quite amazed by so of the things that aren’t on the internet. For example the medical ID bracelets (picture above) doesn’t suggest that mute people have one which I found rather strange and decided to give My character one anyway as I could see it being helpful in the long run.

I do make very clear that my character (Lewis) is only mute and is not deaf and is quite smart – he’s just a normal 18 year old boy who just so happens to never be able to say a word.

And I’m finding this project very interesting to write, I’m really enjoying writing it also and hope that I do a mute character right.


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