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I would really like to write a story about a romance between a human and a merman

That is all.

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The Electronic Era

I have a feeling I’m the most outdated person around because I hate public Wi-Fi.

On Sunday I was at my grandma’s. My 9 and 10 year old cousins came around and okay my grandma can text and she has a Kindle fire with a Facebook account and people are very impressed like that, she is over the age of 60, it’s quite impressive (not as impressive as my 85 year old auntie who has a iPad and Facebook) but my two 9 and 10 year old cousins both came to my grandma’s to visit with their iPads and the 10 year old even brought his headphones.

2014-04-27 19.01.24 And they both spent the entire time visiting my grandma like this – their dad really wasn’t much better but he did put his phone back down, but it really got me thinking about how much this generation depends on electronic devices.

Now I am only 18 but it still completely amazes me. When we go away to camp with the Senior Section (Ages 14 – 16) their first and main question is ‘Is there Wi-Fi’, to which we always reply no and they stress out then stand and go all Circle of Life with their phones when we get to the campsite.

I must admit, it scares me a little to think how dependant people are on electronic devices today and the lack of verbal conversation completely amazes me. I’ve witnessed people sitting next to each other on their phones and texting each other and I find that particularly ridiculous.

I’ve also come to discover just how rude it is to sit on your phone or tablet during a meal or when you’re having a drink with someone, with my group of friends if we go out we put all our tablets and phones on the table and their first person to pick it up has to pay for everyone’s drinks and food.

Sure I understand how much Wi-Fi and these tablets have improved life, sure you can find out anything with a touch of a button, sure you can text someone to find out where they are or if they’re okay, but them becoming someone’s life really does concern me.

If you spend your entire life looking at a phone screen you’re going to miss everything.

But of course I make exceptions. Whilst I was having this rant to myself I began to think about one of my books which is about a boy called Lewis who is mute and I discovered that he really needs to depend on typing and writing and could really benefit from electronic tablets but of course that’s a different situation.

Of course this is just my option and I don’t want to start a war with it, other people have other opinions but I just thought I’d share it.


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LGBTQ Flag Guide

2014-04-28 11.25.43

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April 28, 2014 · 12:42 pm

The Stereotype Lives on


This annoyed me hugely and I only sort of stumbled across it. Obviously the book is a Gay Romance (it’s free only 50 odd pages) but one of the reviews I stumbled across really annoyed me.

The view on LGBT fiction really astounds me sometimes obviously only males should write gay and females should write lesbian and that’s not right at all. I think the fact people find females writing G fiction odd is in itself odd.

You just have to look back to JK Rowling who was under her persona because she was writing from a male POV and what happened to Harry Potter?


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I have a fascination with…

Love Locks!


 Like I know what they are and I know what they stand for what fascinates me is that they just began appearing.

 Love Locks originate from Europe and started appearing in the year 2000. I first heard about them in France on a bridge called Pont de l’Archevêché which passed over the Seine river in Paris. I liked the idea of them when I heard of them back in 2009 on that bus tour then I came home (Liverpool, UK).

As many of you probably know we have our quite famous Dock. The Albert Dock and around last year I began to notice Locks appearing around the dock and I find them completely fascinating. There is a DSC_1050variety of locks, ones that are for couples, one for marriages, families and a few for remembrance, there’s some locks that you can tell people have spent a substantial amount of money on them, there’s engraved locks, there’s a few that have been wrote on with sharpie, there’s an industrial lock down there, a few have even purchased the official Love Lock (a lock in the shape of a heart – as shown in the picture).

What fascinates me about them is how someone gets to that point of doing that. I mean, I haven’t been in love I’ll be honest so obviously that’s a huge part of it and I fully understand the ones of remembrance if anything I find them insanely sweet. But the couples who put them on and throw their key away into the Mersey, hopefully one day I’ll be that in love with someone who I am able to do that without a second thought.

I admittedly love walking down the dock (especially with my camera) and just reading all the Love Locks DSC_1047that are there, there isn’t many, it is a new thing but every time I go back there’s a few more to read and they always make me feel reasonably happy.

It has apparently become a thing to do it in Liverpool and there is a sign up that states “This is a special place for lovers! Interlock your padlocks on the railings and throw away the key into the Mersey. You will never lose your true love!

Which I find to be quite wonderful.



All photographs were taken by me.



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Happy Easter

A little snippet from the upcoming book Gay Brigade: Ryan and Daniel …

I followed Kenny down the stairs, taking it one step at a time like he was, Ryan had beaten us downstairs mostly so he could put the various Easter eggs down since we wouldn’t last night in case he woke up before us and ran downstairs, although he did get bored halfway and turned to look at me
“Come on” I said and he sighed overdramatically but reattached his hand to the banister and continued down one step at a time then got to bottom and got significantly faster, running into the living room and attacking Ryan who was guarding the doors that lead into the living room.
“You’re excited” Ryan said making Kenny laugh as I came behind him so Ryan opened the door and we both saw how Kenny’s expression changed very quickly.
“Mine?” he asked so we both nodded then watched him run and slide on his knees to the variously stacked Easter eggs. Okay so they were the little one pound ones, that were the eggs and the sweets where in the middle of the hollow egg, but he was two we were not going to buy him massive eggs ever, but he was still over the moon, we’d got him four, a Milky Bar, Buttons, Freddo and a Smarties and I could foresee the hypo-ness later. “Thank daddy, thank papa” he said
“The Easter Bunny brought them Kenny” Ryan said and Kenny frowned at him
“Easter Bunny?”
“Yep, the Easter bunny makes all the eggs then brings them” I said and Kenny grinned
“Can one?” he asked so we looked at each other
“How about I put Nutella on your toast” Ryan said and Kenny nodded perfectly satisfied by that, so Ryan stood and began his way to the kitchen but stopped
“Daniel” he said so I turned to him and was given a chocolate bunny.
“Oh” I said making him laugh “Breaking the rules” I added and he laughed
“I couldn’t resist it” he said nodding
“No neither could I” I replied and gave him the chocolate owl I’d secretly brought which made him laugh “Nutella?” he asked so I nodded
“One piece though” I said and he saluted then went into the kitchen.


Happy Easter!


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I’ve always been a writer…

This was just a thing I began thinking about earlier and I worked out, I really have always been a writer. I’ve always made up stories and made complex plots, I’ve always named characters (gave them an age, birthdate, height, eye colour etc) I’ve always had the urge to write or create.

Sure when I was a kid it was counted as lying. The story I told usually to the Bathroom monitors was that my mum was pregnant. I don’t know why and it was never true, I was 5-7 so obviously it was counted as a lie, but I didn’t see it as lying as I saw it as a story, I was always sussed out, the bathroom monitor always ended up talking to my mum and discovering she was in fact not pregnant.

But it didn’t stop there. When I was younger because my brother is 6 years my elder I played alone allot. I used to play with dolls and teddies but sometimes I’d just play with my imagination. The dolls always used to have extremely complicated backstories, all my Barbies and Kens had quite fascinating lives and whether I got a new doll they were entered into the mix in some dramatic way (Your long lost daughter :-O ). When I played with my imagination it was always through mostly speech (and I still do this now), I’d think up this entire story, I think up a plot, a subplot, characters, characters backstories. I’d never put them into action but I’d think of them — nowadays I tend to put them into action.

When I was 13 I wrote my very first story, it wasn’t brilliant, it was riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes (this is before the big Dyslexia reveal), it was all wrote with a pen and on a A4 pad, I even took the time to draw the front cover out in pen, I gave it to my Year 9 English teacher, Mr S. Reynolds, who gave it raving reviews and gave me that little nudge of confidence to try to continue writer, but it was deemed to difficult when I had to begin transferring my debut from pen and paper to a Word Document, unfortunately that story was never finished.

When I was 14 I was diagnosed with dyslexia and had a long time of not being confident enough to touch a pen and paper that was until we studied Creative Writing in my Year Ten English Language class. I re-caught the bug. I wrote the first paragraph of Choreography and I got a A. That was my first ever A in a class that wasn’t arty (I’d recently had a A in Art and in Music). I decided then to continue writing Choreography with help from my long time friend Kyrie Tealin. It took us around 2 years to get the book finished and even then we were not too sure about it.

Once I’d finished Choreography I began working on some projects on my own which included The Day Before and many that I’ve posted on FictionPress. And I was finally published in the January of 2013 after holding a photo-shoot for the cover of my book Superstar, which then became the first book I ever published.


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Website Test Drive!

I’ve added a Soundtrack option to my website.

The soundtracks include;

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies – All the songs they danced to and the Showcase songs
Gay Brigade: Ryan and Daniel – Their songs that they’ve sang together and Daniel’s show.
Jonathan – All his husbands shows songs.
Released – Jasmine’s set list and the songs he performs at College.

This is a test run and I’d quite like a response from it.

Thanks in Advance!


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Dates for your Diary

I have a few Publishing Dates! Ones that I know for sure will be met!


Picture7 Gay Brigade: Callum and Noah – 16th May
Gay Brigade: Ryan and Daniel – 16th June
Gay Brigade: Darren and Luke – 16th July
Gay Brigade: The End – 16th August


Picture1 Bon Voyage – 23rd July

Darren embarks on his two week long cruise, ready for sun, sleep-ins and different countries, but what he’s not ready for his a cute American boy who talked to him on the first night on board.

McKenzie - Copy McKenzie Jackson: My Story – 29th June

 McKenzie wasn’t always a high earning Playwright he was once a scared 14 year old boy who was being bullied on a daily basis.
McKenzie Jackson: My Story follows McKenzie from when he was 14 showing his career and love life along the way.

Geek-Moblie - Copy On Tour – 9th October

 G3-EK are doing a UK tour with Kings Road, G3-EK are the ultimate fandom band whereas Kings Road couldn’t be more different, so what’s the reason they’re touring together? Well it’s got to be something to do with the guitarist of G3-EK dating the lead singer of Kings Road, but that’s a secret.

Cover Casey – 20th November

 When Mickey lays eyes on Casey for the first time he can’t help but feel something towards him, his hair, his clothes, his face, his eyes everything makes Mickey just want to get to know him more and when he does Casey reveals something that not even Mickey could’ve guessed.

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Woooo Social Media!

You can find me on;

Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and Amazon!


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