Tips for Writing




I know there are loads of these around but you know sometimes I don’t find something’s completely right so these are my things that help me write.

And remember this is coming from a dyslexic brain so it mightn’t help you at all but could really help other people.

  1. Names are important. Referring to your characters as A and B can be good at the beginning but when you begin thinking of more elaborate plots A and B could get very confusing very quickly, the first thing I do is work out my character’s name, age, birthday, sexuality and any little appearance details I need – that why I know who I’m talking about.
  2. Editing isn’t everything. At least whilst you’re writing. Of course editing becomes important but whilst writing focus on writing, you’ll lose your thread if you start going back over sentences and editing little bits. Always take time out to edit (maybe when you have writers block)
  3. Don’t over complicate. Sure everyone likes a story within a story within a story but what happens when the author forgets one story and never completes it. Make sure you know the end to every plot you write, don’t think of one midway through writing and decide you’ll figure it out later keep on top of your story
  4. Let your characters tell you what they want to do. Some people think that they write the story but they don’t the characters do, if you do something so out of character it could throw your audience completely, remember to let your characters lead you – you get stuck take a few minutes have a conversation with your character, work out what they want to do and do it for them (that tip comes from Robin Reardon)
  5. There’s never too much research. Everything you do a bit of research will help you along the way, you can never over research, research medical sites, forums, QandA sites anything that’ll give you not only a official version but a personal version of whatever your researching, you could even try asking questions yourself if you can’t find that bit of information anywhere. You can never do too much.
  6. Get other people’s views. Hearing other people’s thoughts on your story could really help. Just hearing their view on the characters, their thoughts for how the story will progress, their suggestions that they might be too afraid to voice could really benefit you can your story. I know that people can get scared and not want to share their work, well they don’t have to do it with a massive audience, you can just get that one person who you can trust to tell you the truth.
  7. Read, Read, Read. Everything you read is just that little bit of knowledge. I’m not saying to take other plots or ideas but reading other people’s work can help you with your own, maybe give you that little nudge in the right direction you were looking for, maybe introducing you to that interesting word that you’ve never heard before and really like. Reading is good.
  8. Relax. People tend to forget that one. Relaxing is the key, getting too stressed will cause you to make mistakes, leave things out, remember page count isn’t hugely important just get all the information in there, worry about the page numbers later, worry about the missing full stops and the speech marks that are the wrong way later, don’t get overworked now. Remember you write because you enjoy it, so relax.

Good Luck!




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