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So on Monday I decided to start probably one of my most difficult writing projects (along with my Mute book).

I decided to create a FTM (Female to Male) character. His name is Casey.

I have aided myself slightly because I am writing from the boy who’s Casey’s affections are towards (Mickey) Point of View.

Casey is Pre-Op and by the end of the book has had the Operation and Mickey goes through with him step by step of the process. Of course there is humours moments, there’s touching moments and there’s educational moments (a lot of them) but the story is hugely about Casey.

I for the last 3 days have really been researching FTM. Mostly FTM Bottom surgery as that is one of the main things that I was pretty much clueless about. I visited the old reliable NHS website but didn’t feel at all educated once I’d read through it so I continued through Google until I found;

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3312187/#!po=37.5000 <– This website was the first I stumbled across and it really put the procedure simply and easy to follow, there were also pictures and believe me the visuals helped (although they are not for the squeamish)

http://quirkycalm.wordpress.com/ <— This was the second that really helped me. It’s a real-life account of pre-surgery and post-surgery and nothing was rose-tinted, he’d written everything true to life, everything as it was happening – warts and all. That really helped as I didn’t want Casey to recover amazingly quickly after the surgery or have no complications – as that is nowhere true to life.

I of course am hugely challenged with this book because I’d really like to get it right and I’d also like to get the reaction of the people close to him right.

I’ll try to keep updating you on this story as it goes but of course that could be difficult.




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