Recurring Characters

In my books I like to connect as you can see in my earlier post Connections! But I found there’s some characters that seem to crop up in the majority of my books.

One of which is Mr William Elliot. Now I must admit I’m quite fond of him as a character, he’s a teacher at the Secondary School Kingsbury (which has its own recurring roles). He’s a Health and Social Care, Child Development, Textiles and Form Teacher and also (in the books that come after Teaching Techniques) the LGBT Coordinator in the school. He always ends up connecting well with the characters and always comes out as the cool teacher in the long run.

You can read William Elliot in;
Adventures in Twinville  and Jonathan  at ages 19-22 whilst studying to become a teacher in University.

And in as a teacher – and known solely as Mr Elliot;
Choreography, Trapped, Gay Brigade, Teaching Techniques, Until Next Time, Casey and Ace

A second of my recurring characters (who also just so happens to be a teacher) is Jonathan Lawrence. Jonathan is a Drama tutor in a college and he’s quite a hit with students and tutors alike. Jonathan makes even the most boring of subjects fun and is always there whenever students want to talk.

You can read Jonathan Lawrence in;

Romeo and Julian, Released, Adventures in Twinville, Jonathan and Homosumptuous,

My books are honestly becoming a Where’s Wally? of characters, which other characters like Ryan Mitchell, Callum Jones, Patrick Whiteside, Bradley Lewis, Jason Baker and Noah Logan cropping up every now and again.

Try and keep an eye out. You never quite know where they might appear ;)



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