Dates for your Diary

I have a few Publishing Dates! Ones that I know for sure will be met!


Picture7 Gay Brigade: Callum and Noah – 16th May
Gay Brigade: Ryan and Daniel – 16th June
Gay Brigade: Darren and Luke – 16th July
Gay Brigade: The End – 16th August


Picture1 Bon Voyage – 23rd July

Darren embarks on his two week long cruise, ready for sun, sleep-ins and different countries, but what he’s not ready for his a cute American boy who talked to him on the first night on board.

McKenzie - Copy McKenzie Jackson: My Story – 29th June

 McKenzie wasn’t always a high earning Playwright he was once a scared 14 year old boy who was being bullied on a daily basis.
McKenzie Jackson: My Story follows McKenzie from when he was 14 showing his career and love life along the way.

Geek-Moblie - Copy On Tour – 9th October

 G3-EK are doing a UK tour with Kings Road, G3-EK are the ultimate fandom band whereas Kings Road couldn’t be more different, so what’s the reason they’re touring together? Well it’s got to be something to do with the guitarist of G3-EK dating the lead singer of Kings Road, but that’s a secret.

Cover Casey – 20th November

 When Mickey lays eyes on Casey for the first time he can’t help but feel something towards him, his hair, his clothes, his face, his eyes everything makes Mickey just want to get to know him more and when he does Casey reveals something that not even Mickey could’ve guessed.


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