I’ve always been a writer…

This was just a thing I began thinking about earlier and I worked out, I really have always been a writer. I’ve always made up stories and made complex plots, I’ve always named characters (gave them an age, birthdate, height, eye colour etc) I’ve always had the urge to write or create.

Sure when I was a kid it was counted as lying. The story I told usually to the Bathroom monitors was that my mum was pregnant. I don’t know why and it was never true, I was 5-7 so obviously it was counted as a lie, but I didn’t see it as lying as I saw it as a story, I was always sussed out, the bathroom monitor always ended up talking to my mum and discovering she was in fact not pregnant.

But it didn’t stop there. When I was younger because my brother is 6 years my elder I played alone allot. I used to play with dolls and teddies but sometimes I’d just play with my imagination. The dolls always used to have extremely complicated backstories, all my Barbies and Kens had quite fascinating lives and whether I got a new doll they were entered into the mix in some dramatic way (Your long lost daughter :-O ). When I played with my imagination it was always through mostly speech (and I still do this now), I’d think up this entire story, I think up a plot, a subplot, characters, characters backstories. I’d never put them into action but I’d think of them — nowadays I tend to put them into action.

When I was 13 I wrote my very first story, it wasn’t brilliant, it was riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes (this is before the big Dyslexia reveal), it was all wrote with a pen and on a A4 pad, I even took the time to draw the front cover out in pen, I gave it to my Year 9 English teacher, Mr S. Reynolds, who gave it raving reviews and gave me that little nudge of confidence to try to continue writer, but it was deemed to difficult when I had to begin transferring my debut from pen and paper to a Word Document, unfortunately that story was never finished.

When I was 14 I was diagnosed with dyslexia and had a long time of not being confident enough to touch a pen and paper that was until we studied Creative Writing in my Year Ten English Language class. I re-caught the bug. I wrote the first paragraph of Choreography and I got a A. That was my first ever A in a class that wasn’t arty (I’d recently had a A in Art and in Music). I decided then to continue writing Choreography with help from my long time friend Kyrie Tealin. It took us around 2 years to get the book finished and even then we were not too sure about it.

Once I’d finished Choreography I began working on some projects on my own which included The Day Before and many that I’ve posted on FictionPress. And I was finally published in the January of 2013 after holding a photo-shoot for the cover of my book Superstar, which then became the first book I ever published.



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