The Electronic Era

I have a feeling I’m the most outdated person around because I hate public Wi-Fi.

On Sunday I was at my grandma’s. My 9 and 10 year old cousins came around and okay my grandma can text and she has a Kindle fire with a Facebook account and people are very impressed like that, she is over the age of 60, it’s quite impressive (not as impressive as my 85 year old auntie who has a iPad and Facebook) but my two 9 and 10 year old cousins both came to my grandma’s to visit with their iPads and the 10 year old even brought his headphones.

2014-04-27 19.01.24 And they both spent the entire time visiting my grandma like this – their dad really wasn’t much better but he did put his phone back down, but it really got me thinking about how much this generation depends on electronic devices.

Now I am only 18 but it still completely amazes me. When we go away to camp with the Senior Section (Ages 14 – 16) their first and main question is ‘Is there Wi-Fi’, to which we always reply no and they stress out then stand and go all Circle of Life with their phones when we get to the campsite.

I must admit, it scares me a little to think how dependant people are on electronic devices today and the lack of verbal conversation completely amazes me. I’ve witnessed people sitting next to each other on their phones and texting each other and I find that particularly ridiculous.

I’ve also come to discover just how rude it is to sit on your phone or tablet during a meal or when you’re having a drink with someone, with my group of friends if we go out we put all our tablets and phones on the table and their first person to pick it up has to pay for everyone’s drinks and food.

Sure I understand how much Wi-Fi and these tablets have improved life, sure you can find out anything with a touch of a button, sure you can text someone to find out where they are or if they’re okay, but them becoming someone’s life really does concern me.

If you spend your entire life looking at a phone screen you’re going to miss everything.

But of course I make exceptions. Whilst I was having this rant to myself I began to think about one of my books which is about a boy called Lewis who is mute and I discovered that he really needs to depend on typing and writing and could really benefit from electronic tablets but of course that’s a different situation.

Of course this is just my option and I don’t want to start a war with it, other people have other opinions but I just thought I’d share it.



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