Attention Span

I recently discovered I really don’t have a good attention span. I don’t know whether it’s my Dyspraxia or even my Dyslexia but I really do have a terrible attention span.

Once you’ve lost me, you’ve lost me and you have a very little chance of getting me back but if I enjoy something it gets 110% of my attention. So I can fully focus on writing or research for writing with no problems but Photography research (for college) no chance.

Thursday night I sat through my first ever play without doing something else (I sat through it on Wednesday but I was also taking pictures) and honestly I was reasonably proud of myself. I’ve always loved musicals, really, ever since I was really young I’ve loved musicals and can sit through them easily but plays I found significantly harder and last night I did it, I did it without messing and without letting my mind drift off and begin writing random scenes for my books.

People tend to lose me in conversations as well, this I never noticed until recently but I do tend to zone out of conversations then come back into them and have to piece them together quickly before I can reply.

I’m only sharing this one because it has been amazing me over the last few days and I just had to write it down (although I got distracted half way through because I began reading about dyspraxia in case it was due to that)



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