This is (was) trending on Twitter so I thought I’d just name a few of my more diverse books that should be coming out this year.


Darren and LukeMcKenzie - Copy

Ace - FrontPicture 2

Casey – When Mickey lays eyes on Casey for the first time he can’t help but feel something towards him, his hair, his clothes, his face, his eyes everything makes Mickey just want to get to know him more and when he does Casey reveals something that not even Mickey could’ve guessed.

Casey is Transsexual and has moved to Mickey’s city because that is the only hospital that’ll do the operation for him. The story is based around Casey’s journey from moving schools, moving cities to going into the hospital for his life changing operation.

Coming 20th November

The Gay Brigade: Darren and Luke – Moving to America was never an easy decision for Darren but if it meant he got Luke he was always going to do it. Now it’s been seven years and these newlyweds are starting to consider new things. Luke and Darren start down the adoption route fighting for seven year old Dominic but Darren’s also starting to miss home and wants to spend more time in the UK. But will this sudden homesickness effect their chances of getting Dominic or even worse their relationship?

Darren and Luke set to adopt seven year old Dominic who suffers hearing loss. Darren and Luke then proceed to learn sign language and help Dominic through home schooling.

Coming 16th July

McKenzie Jackson: My Life – McKenzie wasn’t always a high earning Playwrite he was once a scared 14 year old boy who was being bullied on a daily basis. McKenzie Jackson: My Story follows McKenzie from when he was 14 showing his career and love life along the way.

McKenzie Jackson (Benjamin Edmund) was diagnosed with Dyslexia and ADHD when he was 14 and dropped out of school at 15 due to severe bullying but McKenzie went on to become the most successful Musical Theatre playwright.

Coming 29th June

Ace – Charlie’s always felt somewhat different to every boy in his class but he’s never quite knew why. Now that he’s sixteen he’s beginning to get attention from girls and he doesn’t want it, Charlie begins to wonder why he’s different, why he doesn’t want sex and what on earth he could be.

The summer after his GCSE’s Charlie begins to want to know who he is, so he begins to search for it. Charlie soon finds he is Asexual and begins to piece together all the bits of his life, once he begins to accept his sexuality he comes face to face with people who disbelieve asexuality to be actual sexuality.

Coming October

Twenty-Two Steps – There’s bad coming out’s then their Taylor’s coming out. The day he came out it threw his life into a downward spiral but now he’s ready to get back up again – or so he hopes. Enrolled into a Musical Theatre course (his secret desire) and going out and meeting new people again scares Taylor to some extent but whilst he’s re-facing the world he’s also helping his ten year old neighbour face Secondary School. Taylor begins to realise that the world may be a scary place but shying away isn’t going to get him anywhere and he’s also going to find that occasional person that he dislikes along the way.

Taylor hasn’t left the house for the last 3 years due to suffering from depression, after doing a year old prescribed antidepressants Taylor feels he’s just a bit more happier to go into the world, but it doesn’t mean he’s completely ready, he still has wobbles every now and again.

Coming August

Silencio – Lewis was born mute, he’s known nothing different. When Lewis starts his third year of college he doesn’t really expect it to be any different and really didn’t expect to find someone who accepts him completely for who he is.

Lewis suffers from Anathria and means he cannot speak, Lewis hasn’t knew anything different during his 18 years but when he starts on his 3rd year in college he wasn’t expecting to meet Anthony who doesn’t need speech to know exactly what Lewis wants to say.

Coming December








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