Things I’m Passionate about Number One! (In no particular order)


I’ve danced since I was young. Starting at age 3 in the baby ballet, baby tap and baby jazz class. Since I was 3 I’ve attended 5 different dance schools and danced on the Empire Theatre (Liverpool) and  Philharmonic Hall (Liverpool). But I was silly and I gave up dancing when I was about 14 years old, the school I was at, at the time changed completely, the teacher changed and it just wasn’t what it was so I stopped going.

From when I was very young all I ever wanted to be was a Ballerina, my one dream that is still my dream now is to dance on pointe, but that dreams getting just that bit further away from me and now with my current body shape and current bust size it seems just that little bit more impossible for me to ever be a Prima Ballerina. Also the fact I have dyspraxia and flat feet doesn’t actually help my side.

Many people don’t think of it when they look at me but dancing (mostly ballet) is a massive passion of mine and has been one of my dreams from when I was really, really young. Something was missing when I left my 3rd dancing school and I couldn’t quite grasp what it was until I returned to tap two years ago, to do my physical in my Silver Duke of Edinburgh and the passion was back, the passion had never left but boy had it returned with vengeance, the only problem I had was I still couldn’t do ballet, the school we were at (Mum, Grandma and I) was not us, we were of course in the adult class and we completed our Gold Medal in Tap but the class just were not our kind of people so we moved to our current dance school. Here the class is just us three but we don’t half have a laugh and have a good work out whilst we’re at it but the best thing about the move to this new school was that there was a adult ballet class.

So I started again, I went back to ballet on Tuesday and it was the best feeling I’d had in a while, by far.

It’ll still always be a dream of mine to dance on point and since I am just 18 there is still a chance but realistically it’s unlikely so I’m just soaking in being back at ballet and taking it in my stride as it comes.


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