Things I’m Passionate about Number Four! (In no particular order)


Ever since I was little I’ve had quite a passion about photography. I think it mostly lies with my grandad who was a very keen photographer and you could always depend on to have the latest model of everything.

I’ve had a range of cameras and have a huge thing with disposal cameras, I love the idea of taking a picture, waiting for it and being able to hold it in your hands. I was always the kid with the disposal camera.

As I’ve grown I got more into digital photography but still have a very big soft spot for disposal photography.

I’ve managed to get myself a reputation of the photographer especially at Guiding events, people are now surprised if they see me without the camera.

I enjoy photography as a hobby hugely and especially love theatre photography but can’t see myself making a career out of it although I have enjoyed my photography course that I’ve done.


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