Things I’m Passionate about Number Five! (In no particular order)


I’ve been in Guiding since I was 5. I started in Rainbows and I’ve been in every section since.

Guiding is one of the things I am hugely passionate about and don’t see myself giving up anytime soon. Guiding honestly is one of the things I have hugely achieved in and it’s mine, within my time in Guiding I’ve achieved my Silver Duke of Edinburgh, my Going Away permit and my Queens Guide and people know me as me there.

Guiding has always been one of the things that means a lot to me, sure I went through a bit of bullying about it when I was in Guides because people just didn’t get it but it’s something I’ve always continued with, a lot of people believing Guiding is a religious but it’s not, okay so we meet in the Church Hall but that doesn’t mean anything. Guiding is a huge thing to me and will always be.



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