Things I’m Passionate about Number Six! (In no particular order)


Since I was ten Converse have been the only brand that I will not waver with at all. Alright when David Tennant became the Doctor it had some influence on it but not hugely. When I was 9 I was told I had weak ankles so had to wear shoes with support on the ankles and so I began wearing Converse. Alright, there wasn’t much ankle support there but hey I was 9.

I then began to collect other things than just the shoes, I had a Converse bag when I was in Year 9, I had a Converse folder through my GCSE’s  and when people go away and see the little converse you can buy with the countries on, I always end up with them.

I now have 11 pairs of Converse which all have their own uses, for example my Camping Pair, Technician Pair, Everyday etc…



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