Things I’m Passionate about Number Eight! (In no particular order)

Website Design.

I have this thing with designing websites. I for some reason really, really enjoy doing it, I would make websites just to pass time.

I when I was 13 had a Piczo account like many other pre-teens in 2009 but I didn’t just have one Piczo account I had about 15 because I just loved making websites and trying different things, using different colours, using block backgrounds, patterned backgrounds, using different shaped images, different sized. I love the freedom of being able to create and since I can’t actually draw, website design is one of the things that can substitute that.

I know (at 18) have two websites, one for my writing and one for my photography and I love managing them, I love going onto the creator, looking at them and thinking What Can I Do Next? Sometimes there’s nothing and that’s fine, I just check everything’s still in the correct place and exit the browser, sometime’s I get a wild, adventurous idea and have to get to work on it straight away.


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