Things I’m Passionate about Number Nine! (In no particular order)

LGBT Stuff.

So it’s quite clear I’m a keen supporter of LGBT rights and pretty much everything to do with LGBT.

It only really became a big thing to me when I was around 15/16 and it was only because I began to find out about it then and all my books are based around LGBT in some way (And yes that does cover Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual and Asexual). I am hugely passionate about the LGBT community due to a variety of reasons and am a huge supporter of Equal Rights.

When I was 13 my auntie got a civil partnership with her partner and I remember not hugely understanding what was happening until everyone began calling it a wedding and I understood, I then began querying about civil partnerships and marriage rights and so it began.

Last year when we went to Sweden and the Abba Museum we found it was in partnership with Stockholm Pride and of course had to go around the little store that they’d set up (and buy a bag).

I also around May Last Year filmed a video for Wipe out Homophobia ( and I feel it went really, really well.

Of course it was difficult being so highly involved with LGBT when I was trying to figure out my own sexuality and people presume which doesn’t make it easier. But now that I have (which will be involved in a later post) I can happily express my support for LGBT whilst also being sure in myself and my letter in the LGBT.


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