Things I’m Passionate about Number Ten! (In no particular order)


Okay, so this is the one everyone expected.

I am extremely passionate about writing as most people would know. It’s the feeling of being someone else. When I started writing when I was 14, I’d had a bad previous year where I was forced to be something I’m not so when I begun writing it was like I didn’t need to worry about who I was, all I needed to worry about was my character – Nathan Smith – who he was and what was going on with his life and stuff like that I didn’t need to be myself and I really, really liked that.

The problem with it was that I didn’t actually begin to discover who I was until I was 16 but it didn’t stop me writing books which began getting thicker and faster and just wouldn’t stop.

Writing is one of the things most people associate me with but it’s because it’s something I can do if I’m bored or if I’m alone, I can write in my head easily, I can sit with a piece of lined paper and have it filled by the hour, it’s something I love doing and I enjoy creating people and situations which are so beyond my life that even though they’re fictional they make my life interesting.

If it could be, I’d love for writing to just be my career, for me to be able to sit with a laptop all day every day and just write, to go to resorts and sit on the embankment with a notepad and sunglasses and work out new stories, I’d love to do it but the way I do it now also completely satisfy me.

I find, writing is the escape I need sometimes, I can very easily zone out and just write, just sit and not need a pen and paper but just write scenes – although my mind is not exactly a blessing since I can get inspired by something like a garden shed!


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