So I got quite a bad review today.


I woke up to this review this morning and honestly I was upset, I mean of course, if you ever say I wasn’t upset I’d go as far to say you were lying because I really was heartbroken. I was sat there thinking this person obviously never read the back of my book (which clearly states that I am not only 18 but am also dyslexic). But as I thought about it more, the fact his person states that EVERYTHING I write is awful leads me to wonder why exactly they A) only commented on this one and B) continued to buy them.

I watched two movies this afternoon, kept my mind of it and by the evening I’d decided that it was just one persons opinion, sure everyone’s entitled to their opinion and I’m not going to reply to the review, there’s no need to and I’m not going to be really upset by it because that is just ONE persons view and already this year I’ve sold just over 80 books so obviously people are enjoying them.

So obviously, I’m saying don’t be disheartened when you get a bad review because that’s just one person!



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5 responses to “So I got quite a bad review today.

  1. Brandon Toscano

    Don’t let it discourage you, not everyone will like a book, books are very subjective, everyone has different tastes. At least you wrote a book, and 80 sold is very good. :)

  2. icedmocha34

    Well, don’t let them get you down. Let me ask you something: do you write because you love to, or because you want other people to love it? Writing is one of those things where no matter what anyone says about your style, it’s you. It doesn’t matter what they say, because if you like it, that’s all that matters! Hope that made sense in some way…don’t lose hope! Maybe that reader was having a bad day and needed to yell at someone…you never know.
    “Don’t be afraid! Don’t be discouraged!” Deuteronomy 1:21
    God bless you and good luck!! :D

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