This is an extract from an upcoming book (which I’m not telling you) and it’s something that sort of really relates to me.

it’d began to stress me out, which inflamed my eczema alongside the heat which made it itchy, so I scratched because I had no-one to stop me from doing it and it becomes like a drug because it feels so good and you just can’t stop it – Rob can stop me doing it because his slaps hurt so much that I don’t want him to repeat it but when I’m alone I just continue, I continue until I can feel it stinging and even then I couldn’t stop because it was still itchy and it needed to be scratched, so I did, I scratched until my skin cracked and I felt as my fingers became wet that was when I stopped, when my body was burning with the crack and bleeding skin and I couldn’t lift my arm without it stinging, so I couldn’t do anything but lie there and fall asleep.

As you’ve probably guessed, I do suffer from eczema and I’ve also discovered it’s hardly ever wrote about. This character suffers from Asthma, Dyslexia and Eczema which also equals him to have rather Low Self Esteem. I felt portraying him as a real person was very, very important and I hope I’ve portrayed it well since I only really suffer from Dyslexia and Eczema and admittedly Low Self Esteem every now and again.

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