My characters age with me.

This may seem obvious but lately I’ve really noticed it.

I recently indulged myself by going back and having a look at my very first writing projects from when I was 14/15. I found that my MC’s were all ranging the same age, Nathan in Choreography is just turning 15, Benjamin in The Day Before is 14. I then left school (at age 16) and so did my characters.

Besides the fact they all began becoming actors they also all began leaving Secondary School. Mason and Jason who left school at 17 to go to college in Trapped, Ryan not only just left school but entered the McKenzie Jackson Academy at age 16 in Superstar, Lottie and Scout at age 15 and Stephen, Katie and Noah at age 16 preparing to leave school with a very interesting 3-part Sex Education class in Sex Education  I went onto my second year in college (age 17) and wrote Josh at age 18 finishing up his third year in college Romeo and Julian, triplets Nathan, Nathaniel and Daniel at age 18 leaving school for University in Treble Clef.

Now I’m in my third year of college (18) and all my characters are becoming adults. Kevin is 24 in Stanley Street, all the Gay Brigade books range between the ages of 16 and 69.



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