Writing a Blogger (Vlogger)

So I’ve started the almighty challenge of writing a Vlogger, well two vloggers.

I got the idea after watched a outrageous amount of Lushlaw videos on YouTube and an intriguing thought struck me, the charm of Lushlaw is that they’re a couple and they let it be known that they are very happy together and kiss occasionally on camera.

My idea began to form because I thought about the power of deceiving. My characters Calvin and Damian (YouTube name CDPlayer) are boyfriends but only on YouTube, outside of YouTube they are nothing more than 7 year friends who are both gay – that bit isn’t a lie.

I’ve been playing with this idea for a few days and have a good surface for it and find the challenge of writing it thrilling. But to make sure I do the right amount of research and write this completely right, I have also started a vlog which’ll kick off tomorrow on ASeeley – and that I am a mixture of terrified and excited about.





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