Okay this is going to be a oh poor me post but sometimes it’s needed

It taken a lot to do this, but I’m starting to think I need a social media shut down, I need to stop having set days for things and I need to let things happen.

I’ve gotten to a point where there’s one day in the week that I get up, I do the same thing then I come home and it’s beginning to bother me. I’ve always sort of thought I was my own person but I’m not I still haven’t found my personality because other people rule it.

I still seem to have this friend who won’t let me see other people, gets upset when I do and doesn’t let me have anything to myself, if I do something original it is no longer original a week or so later. That’s bothers me, immensely.

I only have a selective few (13 – unlucky eh) people who I can be completely comfortable around, – sure I can be comfortable around the Rangers but I feel personally that, that is a different relationship completely.

I just realised I spend most of my time solving other peoples problems and now realise I don’t talk to anyone about mine. Which sucks.

So it seems I need a bloody good cry, a reevaluation and maybe a few weeks offline.


And if any of my friends read this and feel guilty maybe you should look at how you act with me before you jump to conclusions.

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