Interview with myself.

What is the Book in a Day Challenge?
Hard [laughs] the Book in the Day challenge is the challenge to write a completely new book with completely new characters in just a day – they’re more short stories than books.

Who can take part in the Book in a Day Challenge?
Anyone can. I mean of course it was my idea and creation so if anyone wanted to take part in it they could email me on and I’d give them the information.

Why was the Book in a Day Challenge started?
Because I was suffering from immense Writers Block, I was also watching Eurovision (which is what my first BiaD is about). I just wanted to focus on something else for a little while and it worked I was inspired for my other story in no time.

Does it have to be written 24 hours straight?
No. Today (2.7.14) I was completely BiaD and I went out and spent some time with friends for 2 or so hours. The only requirements are that it has to be finished before midnight (00:00) of the day it’s started.

Any other requirements?
The story has to be completely new, no characters that have already been written, the book needs to be finished by midnight and by finished it has to be edited and published by midnight. Of course they’re not going to be brilliantly edited but hey you did it in a day. The book also has to be free for 5 days on Kindle once it’s published.

Is Book in a Day Challenge a success?
For me so far I’d say it’s going well, I’ve completed two BiaD’s and it’s getting my work out to people who mightn’t otherwise think of buying my books, the fact that it’s free for 5 days gives more people a chance to have a little read.

What’s your latest Book in a Day about?
It’s actually  based on a true event that happened the past Friday.

What’s the blurb?
Laura’s parents have gone away and left her alone for the first time in her life so what else is 18 year old Laura going to do but have a sleepover with some friends, they’ve got plenty of nibbles don’t watch much Netflix’s and throw in a naughty truth or dare game. What could go wrong?

Was this Book in a Day difficult?
Yes. This BiaD I found really difficult because it wasn’t completely fictional, I was writing actual events (without the personal details) and real people and it was immensely difficult. I also found it difficult because I was also writing from a females POV which I’ve yet to do in any of my published work.

Do you think people will enjoy this story?
I hope so. I can never predict what my readers will like, books I’ve thought we’re a bit eh have been my best sellers. This story is completely different however hopefully people will think of it as a true deception of a sleepover rather than an outrageously fictional one where everyone talks about boys and does their nails.

Is this a LGBT story?
Who knows. I made a point of not identifying any sexualities within the book there are two boys and two girls none of them identify whether they are homosexual, heterosexual, pansexual, asexual it’s just a mystery and I think that makes this book that bit more fun.

Where will these books be available?
They’ll be available in the Kindle store


Find out more about Book in a Day Challenge on my website



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