Happy 4th July 🇺🇸

Just a little bit from Gay Brigade: Darren and Luke which I felt appropriate!

“Burger or hotdog?” Luke asked as he continued to flip the burgers over.
“Burger” I replied and he gave me one then looked at Dom
“And you?” He asked and Dom looked at me
“Hot” he began then continued thinking about it “Don’t know” he said making me laugh
“Give him a hot dog” he said then put one on my plate which I put in front of Dom then got a beer and a coke out the icebox and sat on the sun lounger behind Dom, opening the can of coke and giving him it.
“Is this how you usually spend Fourth of July?” Ryan asked as he technically did the same with Kenny as I’d done with Dom
“No” I said laughing slightly “But you know we have guests so” I said making him laugh “And you’re lucky it’s not thanksgiving otherwise Luke would make you play American football”
“Oh my god can we?” Callum said making me laugh
“What England verses every other nation”
“Dear, I’m from Wales” Daniel replied and Ryan laughed
“I’m from Essex” Noah said frowning at us
“He’s American” I said pointing at Luke and making him look at me
“Will it be four on four?” Callum asked so I looked at Dom
“Oh god the poor kids” I said and Dom looked at me
“They could be cheerleaders” Daniel said and got a amazing pout from Kenny “Alright you can play” he said and satisfied Kenny as Dom actually turned to me
“Awh does that mean we have to play the crap version?” Luke asked making us laugh
“No, but if you tackle him you’ll make him cry” Ryan said and Luke looked at me
“So basically yes” I replied “But your sons playing so”
“Crap version it is” he said then came and sat behind Dom after moving the plate to between us “After lunch” he added and we all agreed.

“Are you going to tell us the rules or” Callum queried as we stood on the big field that was around the back of our house.
“Well what is this the gay brigade verses the husbands”
“Oh yes” I said laughing and making him laugh
“The aim is to get a touch down” he said and got allot of blank looks. “You’ve got to get the ball to your goal and throw it on the floor” he said and got a few ahs “Our goal is just before the lamppost yours is online with the tree” he said and we all nodded then got into the formation
“Ninety-two, forty one, hike” Callum shouted and we all began laughing “Well it’s what they shout” Callum said then got back into the position he was in,
“HIKE” Luke shouted and the game began.

“Alright we’re drawing” Luke said whilst taking deep breaths whilst the rest of us wondered back into the position “Whoever wins this one wins” he said and we all nodded preparing “HIKE” he shouted and we were off, Callum getting the ball and throwing it to me so I began running being technically chased until I threw it to Ryan who continued down and got the chasers attention that was until he got tackled by Noah making him throw the ball absently and it being picked up by Daniel who started in the other direction and began getting chased by Callum and I, Callum catching him and knocking him over as Daniel threw the ball to Dom who couldn’t look more terrified if he’d tried so he threw it to me making me laugh and start back towards our goal post, being chased mostly by Kenny this time until he gave up and ran back to Dom and continued to play in the mud with Dom as I threw the ball to Ryan who didn’t get far at all and dropped the ball making us all dive for it and Luke get it and began running so I went after him, actually managing to tackle him and knocking him down landing on top of him and making us both begin laughing as Callum picked up the ball and technically sprinted down the field and threw the ball onto the floor and cheered making Ryan and I cheer with him then stand, followed by me helping Luke stand and meeting back in the middle.
“Shall we have a celebratory beer” Callum said so Ryan and I both cheered
“I think bathing is necessary first” Luke said so we all followed his eye line and began laughing at the six and seven year olds that where caked in mud,
“Oh my god” Ryan said laughing “They can get a bath together right”
“Oh yeah” I said nodding “We’ll bathe them whilst you all get showers then we’ll swap and have our celebratory beer” I said getting a agreement and starting back to the house opening the front door and stopping them all in a domino effect behind me “Shoes off” I said and got oohs from behind me
“Listen to my wife” Luke said “Otherwise you’ll end up hoovering” he added and they all took their shoes off and followed me in, Ryan following me into the main bathroom with Dom and Kenny as the rest of them spread off into their own en-suites.
“So tell me how you got so muddy?” I asked Dom whilst taking his hearing aid out
“It was Kenny” he said and Kenny squeaked at him “Fun though” he added making me laugh as I threw his muddy clothes down the laundry shoot soon followed by Kenny’s. Then I turned on the bath filling it up and making it bubbly, then putting Kenny and Dom in it, watching them have a splash war, which once they grew bored of we began washing them getting unanimous complaints until they just lived with it although there was a few whines when we quickly washed their hair then wrapped them up in the fluffy towels and took them through to our husbands.
“Put him in pyjamas?” Luke asked as I sat Dom on the bed
“You might as well we aren’t going further than the patio”
“Pyjamas it is” he said nodding as he put a t-shirt on
“Don’t put his hearing aid in, this ones covered with mud” I said making him laugh and nod to me
“Go and get your shower, we’ll be fine” he said making me smile and go into the en-suite.

“Alright” I said bringing the big plate I’d been preparing onto the patio “I’ve got twinkes, giant marshmallows but we might make s’mores with them, I’ve made some cookies so yeah enjoy” I said then retook my position on the sun lounger with Dom, watching him crawl to the end of the sun lounger and grab a cookie, getting it and scurrying backwards so he was sat between my legs nibbling on the cookie.
“So Independence day is?” Callum asked as him and Noah sat in the same position Dom and I were
“The day America declared independence from the UK” Luke said laughing slightly
“And you celebrate it with fireworks”
“Well yeah we used to celebrate it with gunshots but you know time progress and fireworks I think won” he said as he sat on the sun lounger next to me “There’s usually a baseball game on today and loads of family reunions and stuff”
“So we should’ve played baseball and not football” Noah said and Luke nodded
“But I’ll let it slide” he said then got a bottle of beer out the ice box. The fireworks started a little after that, they were on the other side of the beach so we had the perfect view from our patio to watch them and I was until I looked at Dom who was watching them but frowning with his hands over his ears, so I took his hands away
“Too loud?” I asked and he nodded so I put my hands over his ears feeling him put his hands on mine but his frown go and he beamed at the fireworks


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