Unintended Series

So yesterday I posted a blog about writing in a Family Tree, well today I realised I’ve been also writing in Timelines. Slide2

This is Ryan Mitchell’s timeline (the guy from the Family Tree yesterday) Now okay so there is a series in here, the Gay Brigade series but these books also cover a wide scope of his life. His timeline actually begins at his birth with Paperhouse which is the story of his father (which is essentially a prequel to every book with Ryan in – but also a standalone), Ryan then reappears in Gay Brigade aged 15/16 and in his last year of secondary school where him and his two best friends Darren Jones (who also is mentioned  in Paperhouse) and Callum Jones (also Paperhouse) are getting prepared for the future. Ryan is then in Superstar, based in 2012, where he meets and begins dating his future husband Daniel Bussel, following that is Gay Brigade: Callum and Noah where Ryan and Daniel adopt their son McKenzie Callum Mitchell-Bussel, Gay Brigade: Ryan and Daniel then documents a year of their life as a family, followed by Gay Brigade: Darren and Luke where Ryan plays his defining role in his career, Mickey in Blood Brothers.



It was because of this character Jake Logan that I decided to do these timelines. I realised he’d been appearing in others books before his own. He appears from ages 4 – 13 as just Noah’s brother, but although he is a minor character in Sex Education and Released he’s still important. For example in Sex Education four year old Jake Logan won’t speak a word but only will to Noah, he whispers everything to his twin brother Adam, it is then later discovered in Gay Brigade: Callum and Noah that Jake only really speaks to Noah and is otherwise quiet also in Gay Brigade: Callum and Noah, Jake comes to conclusion that he is asexual and the fact that he has mild anxiety is also revealed in that book. Later in The Asexual Equation he’s undergoing an experiment to define asexuality for his friend who is a biologist whilst also suffering from quite severe anxiety.



Lastly is Mr William Elliot who I had to do the timeline of because he just constantly reappears in books. Our first encounter (going by book years not publishing years) is in 1999 in Adventures in Twinville V.1-V.5 on his first day of University where he is enrolled onto a course to become a Secondary School teacher, we then re-encounter him in 2002 in Jonathan on the year of his graduation. He reappears in AiT V.6-V.10 where he marries his boyfriend (who he met in University). William then just appears as a teacher throughout, appearing in Choreography, Gay Brigade, Casey and The Asexual Equation varying from just being a teacher to being the LGBT coordinator, which he is appointed in Teaching Techniques after teaching a Gay Sex Ed class.


(I found this interesting, I must admit so I had to share it)


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