Basorexia Interview!

So I’ve been hearing you all as you ask What is Basorexia when I’ve posted little things about it, well here it is, the day you find out!

The Basorexia Project I began in January, although the idea was formed on the 3rd December whilst Christmas shopping and sat in a Burger King! The idea was formed because I (R.J Seeley) wanted to write a book with a group of people it seemed fun, I found the word Basorexia

Basorexia and I don’t think my brain has ever worked quicker. I selected 4 co-writers, who when asked were all intrigued and excited to take part.. Unfortunately due to circumstances one of the four had to pull out the project but we continued anyway battling with any problems or troubles we faced.

Finally as we’ve reached the end hurdles of this project I’ve been left with 3 amazing co-writers. These three writers are K. Tealin, J.D. Barkley and Ace Warren.

Here, below is a 5 question interview with all four of us, to explain the Basorexia Project a little more.

What is your story about?
– Dominic has an opportunity to escape the life he resents, but can he take it? Held back by a surprise encounter with a new love interest and having trouble facing his true feelings what will he do?
K. – Ellie is a product of her environment conditioned by her mother’s hyper obsession with feminine beauty, Ellie doesn’t know where she fits in, and is desperate to find out, she finds her feet in a library where she also finds an older guy who makes her feel things she never felt before.
J.D. – Isabelle sees the world through rose tint, in her world everything is perfect to her until a night out that goes wrong which sets off the harsh alarm clock that is life and soon enough she finds out just actually what matters.
Ace – It’s finally come the day Charlotte can become who he truly wants to be. But it can’t be as easy as that, he first needs to tell someone and that scares him, but he knows it’s what he needs to do.

Why did you decide to take part in the Basorexia project?
R.J. –
I had no choice! I made the project so I had to take part. I also wanted to work with a group of people and see what we came up.
K. – R.J. asked me, it sounded interesting
J.D.- In the last year or so I’ve started a few writing projects but never really loved an idea enough to continue and I definitely feel passionate enough about this one to finish.
Ace – Fun! Also because I find myself most productive when working with others and wanted to complete a story.

What does Basorexia mean to you?
R.J. –
Basorexia means a great group of people, it means Dominic who started as a concept and finished as a person.
K. – A project of four very different people and how they cope with their lives. It’s a project everyone can relate to.
J.D. – Getting useful opinions to improve writing and having the privilege of reading the work of talented people that I have immensely enjoyed working alongside.
Ace – Kiss – Lovely times or rather the changing nature of desire.

Will you continue to write?
R.J. –
Of course I have 6 books to publish before 2015!
K. – Yes
J.D. – Yes, after this I will definitely finish future projects
Ace – Hopefully this will increase my productivity. I have more ideas in the works.

Are you excited for the release of the Basorexia Project?
R.J. –
Ecstatic! Fearful of the editing but as long as there’s pizza we’ll be fine!
K. – Yes
J.D. – I really am, to share all of these oh so different stories and see what people interpret from them.
Ace – Yes!!!

The Basorexia project will be published in the Autumn of 2014 and the four individual stories will be all published in the same book. Each story is 90 – 100 pages long and all have their little charms!

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