Writing on the Ocean


I think if I’m right in remembering the timing of this picture I was on the Atlantic Ocean, I’ve just returned from a 12 day cruise where I wrote 12 days worth of Drabbles, I wrote a new book – or at least a few scenes of a new book and I wrote some of a series all of this whilst on the open ocean which was immensely enjoyable.

I’ve always liked to write outside, for the starter, I’ve liked to sit in the garden and read or write but something about bobbing along on water doesn’t even come close to when you’re just writing in the garden. A lot of the time I could see no land it was just a stretch of water with nothing on the horizon and that made it limitless, I get the sense that I can write whatever I want when looking at something that has no end, as oppose to sitting next to my parents in the living room and struggling through the writing of a sex scene – I know they have no clue what I’m writing but hey they’re my parents and I’m writing guys getting it on!

I also enjoy the inspiration from writing aboard, we visited the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Shetlands and Norway and every place sparked something that just made me go oh what if I did this character there, oh what if this happened.

And just to clarify, writing is very relaxing to me, hence why I was doing it on a holiday, I’m bored and I’m fiddly when I’m not writing so obviously that’s what I’ve got to do!

I got my special engraved pen off a friend for my 18th last year!


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