Continuing to face challenges!

So there’s currently a new nameless book in process in R.J. Seeley world.

It’s about boyfriends who go on holiday together for the first time, not alone however and sure it sounds like this wonderful all hold hands around the campfire story but there of course is underlying tones.

Nathaniel, the character of who’s point of view the stories from has serious weight conscious issues, of course it isn’t too apparent at the beginning but occasionally in his narrative or in the things he says it comes up and becomes clear towards the middle of the book.

It of course is very difficult to do this, I know this character is not anorexia or bulimic, he is simply weight conscious and whilst holding to his grandparents house for the summer the little extra cakes and biscuits although can’t be resisted don’t help with his view.

More to be updated soon (hopefully including a title)



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