Feeling for Characters!

I am a true believer of the fact you have to empathise with characters. I mean if you don’t how will anyone else. I’ve had characters who’ve had to go through a load of shit  most of the time so I can test myself to see if I can write that kind of stuff.

Currently I am writing a 17 year old boy who is so weight conscious it’s scary, because he doesn’t see that he’s doing it, that is particularly hard to write as I’ve just come out of a period of such low self esteem so I can conveying how I felt into this character and so far, it’s working, but boy I feel sorry for him.

But there’s a point when I find my empathy with my characters a little frightening. The first time I witnessed this was when I was writing Treble Clef and one of my characters fell out a tree, landed on his wrist and broke it, once I wrote that sentence my wrist began to throb and I had to stop writing for about ten minutes whilst I suffered through the pain in my wrist. The same happened again whilst writing McKenzie Jackson: My Story, he splits his wrists at one point and again my wrists began to throb. It’s continued when writing L2PA and he gets deep scratches and the next day I woke up with scratches that were gone by lunchtime.

Just to share, and query if anyone else feels this way?


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