I Met David Levithan.

And I haven’t quite got over it yet!

2014-08-12 20.14.38

And it was brilliant. My backstory with the Author David Levithan. When I was 15 and taking my GCSE’s my best friend and esteemed colleague K. Tealin made a deal with me, if I got a B in any of my exams they’d buy me the book Boy meets Boy by Levithan, I ended up getting a B in my Child Development and RE therefore got Boy Meets Boy and I quickly fell in love with it. BmB was the first ever LGBT I read, since then I have expanded my LGBT YA author/books and now have a new favourite book but BmB will always have a place in my heart.
Four years later and I’m still buying Levithan’s books, the most recent being Two Boys Kissing, which is phenomenal and a recommended read.


2014-08-12 22.03.11Yesterday (12th August) I got to sit listen to him do a reading of Two Boys Kissing, then listen to a QandA (Yes he is thinking of writing a asexual main character, maybe he’ll make more movies, never write with someone you’re dating) then I got to marvel in the fact that he although has been writing about 9 years longer than me using pretty much the same techniques and methods in his writing.

Last night was a brilliant experience being in the same room as one of my inspirations, one of the people who let me test the boundaries and experiment with writing LGBT fiction and has continued to be a inspiration along the way.

When I reached the table for him to sign he saw my t-shirt (Future Famous Author) and he asked me what I wrote to which I replied LGBT YA, he told me he’d look out for me in the future and that LGBT YA is definitely the best thing to be famous for!






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