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Discovering more recently how highly dependant I am on electronic writing devices. I mean I do love writing in a notebook, I love using a pen and sitting somewhere with no internet or anything and just writing but at some point I will have to sit at my laptop and type up what I’ve wrote which (the last time I did it) can take up to 3 days. I’ve found if I’m writing on my iPod (centre) I can easily email it to my iPad (right) to continue writing between 10pm and 2am then can again email it to my laptop (left) to be put in the final book document. I make a point of not using my phone to write as it’s the one electronic device I’m more than likely to have in my pocket and writing is probably one of the only things that’d make me about 110% anti-social, so as a rule no writing on phone!

I write on my iPad between 10pm and 2am because I write on my iPad in bed, after I’ve sat for extended periods of time downstairs with my family where I write on my laptop.

This was just a little post (and will be followed by some sort of update)


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