Basorexia Here we Come!



How Exciting! Basorexia has come on leaps and bounds since it’s start in January, of course it won’t be available until December/January but hey why not start a bit of excitement!

Basorexia is a collection of stories of four teenagers struggle with understanding their desire for an other.
Robert is 17 and finally discovering what’ll make his life complete.
Ellie is 15, leaving school and finally leaving her old self behind.
Isabelle is 18 and is finally seeing the world out of rose tint.
Dom is 18 and struggling to understand his feelings for the guy who sits across the class.

It’s finally come the day Charlotte can become who he truly wants to be. But it can’t be as easy as that, he first needs to tell someone and that scares him, but he knows it’s what he needs to do.
Ellie is a product of her environment conditioned by her mother’s hyper obsession with feminine beauty, Ellie doesn’t know where she fits in, and is desperate to find out, she finds her feet in a library where she also finds an older guy who makes her feel things she never felt before.
Isabelle sees the world through rose tint, in her world everything is perfect to her until a night out that goes wrong which sets off the harsh alarm clock that is life and soon enough she finds out just actually what matters.
Dominic has an opportunity to escape the life he resents, but can he take it? Held back by a surprise encounter with a new love interest and having trouble facing his true feelings what will he do?

For Basorexia I asked 3 people who I knew quite well to help me write a story, one of them I’d collabed with before, one I’d tried to collab with time and time again but we never quite got far and one I knew wanted to finish a story and I wanted to give them all the opportunity to do so.

Basorexia like everything began as a idea, just a day in December sat in Burger King writing ideas down on a receipt then it formed, everyone was asked and everyone said yes, the meetings started quickly afterwards, we’d come to my house order 4 for £5 pizza and we’d begin to plan, very soon our characters became more than characters they became people, people who we discussed as if they were nothing less, people we hated at times, people we felt sorry for, people we didn’t want to say goodbye to.

Over the time the four of us have bonded as a team as well, we’ve gotten closer without really knowing it, we can laugh and joke around then get to work and it’s not hard work it’s fun.



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