Update on Asexual Awareness

The AE So Jake’s story The Asexual Equation is still going to be available on the week of Asexual Awareness week (October 26 – November 1, 2014), the date is fully to be decided but it should definitely be that week.

Jake’s known he’s asexual since he was 13 and so has everyone around him, so when his very best friend needs to work on a hypothesis what else can he do but agree to let him study asexuality with him as his number one test subject. But Jake also suffers from anxiety and somehow that could collide with Harvey’s experiment.

Now, Ace unfortunately has, had to be pushed back, as the plot when I revisited the plot idea I felt that maybe it needed to be rethought and revamped so Ace will not be available until possibly 2015, but fear not I will not leave you with only ONE Asexual book.


cover3 My second is Ely, Jesse and Robin’s Guide to Asexuality, the three of them are sixteen, all in their last year of school, they are all asexual, Ely is homoromantic, meaning he is gay and asexual, Jesse is aromantic, meaning he has no romantic attraction to anyone and Robin is heteromantic, meaning he is straight and asexual. The three of them are all going through what sixteen year olds do, relationships, exams, insecurities and of course sex. But Ely, Jesse and Robin all know they’re asexual and have known for just over a year so can hold their own even when things get tough.



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