#GoodLuck GCSE Students

Can’t believe it’s been 3 years since I picked up mine! So here’s a snippet of Sex Education;

“Yeah, I don’t want to see this” Stephen said so I grabbed his hand “We’re going, you can’t go back now” I said and he laughed
“I have no choice” he said so I shook my head
“No you remember our deal” I said and he nodded
“If I get a C you’ll make me come, if I get a B I get a blowjob and if I get a A”
“Yep” I said laughing slightly then walking into the school with him, we had to separate to get our results, considering my last name began with a L and his with an A, but we met back at a table to opened the envelopes along with Scout and Lottie who’d both been sat at the table for a while with their envelopes.

“Ready?” Scout asked and we all nodded then opened our envelopes, reading through our grades silently none of us showing anything.
“So?” Lottie asked “I don’t like the silence, talk” she said so I laughed
“C’s” I said nodding “Straight” I said then hummed “Well, minus Drama, I got a Distinction star for that” I said grinning and making her laugh
“C’s straight” she agreed nodding
“B’s straight and a A” Scout said so we all oohed at him then looked at Stephen as he looked up, around us then passed me his sheet.
“You did it” I said and he grinned laughing
“I did it” he said nodding then looked at Scout “C for Maths and English, B for PE” He said making Scout punch up happily
“You can go to college”
“I can” he said nodding then laughed as I grinned at him “You” he said to me so I nodded “You’re coming to mine tonight” he said happily making me laugh.



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