Why I use Shoes!



I feel shoes say so much about a person.
The first cover Ely, Jesse and Robin’s Guide to Asexuality: Has three pairs of converse, all different colours, different ways, laces in different stages. This shows that although Ely, Jesse and Robin are all asexual it also shows that they are all different, they have their own personalities, own boundaries but all fall under the same category.
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies: This cover obviously shows that they are pupils in a ballet school, but also with the shoes behind the pointe ballet shoes shows that the boy behind is older and more experienced, also shows that maybe he is no longer a pupil.
Bon Voyage: Simple really this one, a nice, white clean pair of shoes and the sea, simple, he’s on holiday.
All is Equal: The fact that they’re wearing the same coloured shoes but different styles of them shows that they although are alike in some ways also shows that they are different in many more, the clean pair against the messed, worn pair makes the differences even more evident.
Jonathan: Both pairs show that both characters are young although one is that bit older.
William: Shows that both characters are pretty much the same age but just have slightly different personalities.
Patrick: Shows that both men are more mature, but one is a lot more mature than the other.


On my collaboration the fact that there is four VERY different pairs of shoes shows that these four characters are four very different people with very different stories to tell.



Shoes say so much about people, the way they are sitting the way they’re tied, if they are clean or if they are scuffed.


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