22 Days until Paperhouse!

So how many people have read Gay Brigade? Superstar? Ever wondered what’d actually happened to Ryan’s dad? In 22 days you can find out!

paperhouse 2 The thing with paperhouses are that once they’re wet they tear and when it’s windy they fall down.

The year is 1995, Take That are number one, double denim is huge and Beanie Babies are the latest fad but Michael’s world gets thrown into chaos when his date leads to the bedroom and even worst the maternity ward but that’s the least of his worries since a childhood friend has come back into his life, come back and come back with a bang, now nineteen year old Michael really has to make a decision Catherine or Pete?

When a night with Catherine lead to sex, Michael didn’t think that 2 months she’d be on his doorstep in tears with the news that she was pregnant, Michael suddenly had to take on responsibility and start to act like the father he’d become but at 19 isn’t that a bit much to ask. But when Pete, the kid he used to play with when he was in Nursery comes back into his life, Michael doesn’t know what to do, the sudden strong feelings he feels for Pete scares and excites him but it’s 1995, the age of consent isn’t equal, gay marriage is illegal and his he’s gotten a girl pregnant. What can Michael do?



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