Anxious Asexual.

The AE The Asexual Equation which will be available the 27th October.

The Asexual Equation is the story of Jake Logan (Brother of Noah Logan who is in Sex Education, Released and Gay Brigade: Callum and Noah).

Jake knows he’s asexual and has since he was 13, it’s something that once he heard what Asexuality was he knew it as what he was and he’s far from ashamed about it, Jake would stand on the top of his school and shout it all over his city but due to chronic shyness that might be a tiny bit impossible.

Because although Jake is asexual he also suffers from severe anxiety. Jake’s anxiety became severe when he was 13 when Noah moved out their house and is still pretty severe four years later.

Now as both Jake and his best friend Harvey begin to think about what they might actually want to do with their lives, Jake’s anxiety and asexuality have never been more interesting as Harvey would like to be a biologist and to begin working in a University lab Harvey needs to successfully complete an experiment and who else is a biologist best friend going to use but his anxious asexual best friend.

His hypothesis; That Jake Logan’s Asexuality has nothing to do with his Anxiety.

Through Harvey’s experiment Jake begins to find out things that he never thought he would, things from his childhood, things from when they lived in Essex and most importantly the cause of his anxiety.



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