The Story of Paperhouse!

paperhouse 2 So Paperhouse was published today 19th September (after a month-long wait!). But there’s far more too Paperhouse than meets the eye.

Paperhouse’s story began with Superstar, weird I know but that’s where it began on the 23rd July 2012! It started with Mr Ryan Mitchell who on the 23rd July was just a tender 16 year old, he was a brand new character, he was just two names I’d put together then decided that Superstar was from his point of view.

A year later Gay Brigade began to be formed which was essentially the prequel to Superstar, the story of how Ryan got to the competition. Whilst Gay Brigade was in process I began thinking about Ryan’s dad’s story because he’s only ever had his mum(my strongest female character Catherine Mitchell).

It’d always been apparent to me what’d happened to Ryan’s dad but I didn’t want to just narrow it down and put it into a monologue from Ryan because that so wouldn’t be right. So instead, after talking it over with the number 2 who reads everything Paperhouse started to be formed. Paperhouse shows the story of the year Catherine was pregnant with Ryan, it shows how her friendship with Pete started, it shows Michael’s relationship with Pete and also shows Michael’s relationship with Catherine.





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