When a Story takes a New Direction!

The AE So currently I am working on The Asexual Equation and I had it sussed the story was sorted out, everything was fine then the main character started to change the plot.

This story started simply because I wanted to write from an asexual point of view, Jake Logan is probably my most confidence and most accessible asexual so I started on him.

Jake has an identical twin, Adam who likes to touch himself excessively, has an older brother, Noah who is gay and has moved in with his long-term boyfriend and a partially deaf best friend, Harvey who is fascinating by the human body and is studying to become a biologist.

Jake also suffers from Anxiety disorder, some days he feels claustrophobic, some days he has full on panic attacks where the walls are closing in and his life becomes like Indiana Jones. Jake also is terribly shy, he has one friend because he just won’t talk to people.

So Jake Logan’s plot was simple, his biologist best friend was doing an experiment on him to find out about his Asexuality find out why him and his genetically identical twin where not completely identical, find out for sure that his anxiety disorder is not connected to his asexuality, and find out for sure if his dad leaving when he was two is the real cause of Jake’s anxiety.

His story has now become a journey, because although it started simple it has now spiralled and become complex and intriguing.

Stay Tuned.


Due 27th October



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