Review of Geography Club, the film.


The film Geography Club written by Edmund Entin and Directed by Gary Entin, based on the book by Brent Hartinger by the same name.

First, I love the Hartinger book, Geography Club was one of the firsts in my LGBT book collection, it still remains to this day to be one of my favourite books so imagine my joy when I heard there’s going to be a movie of it. Well after about 11 months of searching I finally got to watch said movie.

I feel that there is such vast differences to the book that it’d be wrong to compare to the book. So I’m going to look at this as if it was an independent film.

As a LGBT film, it really covers everything. A young closeted guy who keeps questioning whether he is actually gay, a football stud who is also in the closet and a gay club which is hidden under the name Geography Club. After being caught kissing Russel and the football stud Kevin are invited to come and join the Geography Club, although Kevin doesn’t go Russel does and finds there’s other people like him in the school.

It’s  a heart-warming tale with a brilliant plot and one of the more realistic and relatable LGBT films I’ve seen. Definitely recommend it.

4.5 Stars!


But on the other hand, the book Geography Club is well worth a read, a brilliant plot mixed with a humorous narrative equals to a brilliant story, the truthfulness and young voice that drives the plot is brilliant and I commend Hartinger for such a brilliant book which continued to be a brilliant series (Russel Middlebrook Series). Highly recommended read.

5 Stars!




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  1. Brent Hartinger

    Wonderful! So glad you liked it. :-)

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