A Positive (Personal) Post.

So it’s been quite apparent that lately I’ve been a bit down, a bit shaken, my routine was all messed up, I didn’t have enough money to leave the house and see people, I was taking on a bit too much a bit too quickly and it was starting to weigh me down.

But from today, the only way is up. This is the second week of my brand new, fully organized routine as I’ve started my 4th year of college this year which at the end of the year will let me go and work in a school, I spend two days in a school and one day in college, of course it’s the busiest day of the week I am in college as I’ve taken over the Rainbow unit which we do at 4:45, followed by Brownies at 6 and Senior Section at 7:15, so Monday’s are quite tight for time and Sunday’s are horrendously busy but I’m getting used to that now.

Also, a few weeks ago I changed shower gels so my eczema flared up and naturally I was quite agitated and annoyed by this but that is being sorted and hopefully in a few days I’ll no longer be agitated.

And lastly I was feeling rather abandoned by my friends or at least my inner circle of friends, as ones just gone off to University, ones moved to China (random, I know) and a few others are all in the same class so are obviously in regular contact, but now, well the communication side seems to be getting better, it just didn’t help that I didn’t have anyone to vent to when I needed it most.

But like I said the only way is up and from today hopefully everything will be better.

I’m Okay.



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