Feeling Supernatural!

Obviously Halloween is upon us and because of that I’ve been feeling the Supernatural vibes.

Following the success on FictionPress and Amazon of my first supernatural book Barking at the Moon I’ve been recently working on some other supernatural books.

I have two currently in the works one of which I hope to write during Half Term and be able to publish on Halloween (hopefully, we’ll see how it goes) this one is called;

Wolf Moon Wolf Moon

Twins, Kai and Finn were born during the total eclipse of the Wolf Moon and so were both cursed at birth. Twenty-three years on, on the lead up to their twenty-fourth birthday they’re trying to lead normal lives, Kai is studying to be a midwife, a full university course where he has to take a week a month off, the week of the full moon whereas Finn is struggling to decide where he wants his future to go but is struggling due to his lust for human blood.


The second that’ll hopefully follow towards the end of this year and the beginning of next year is;

Deaths Apprentice Death’s Apprentice

It’s time for Alfie to be introduced into the family business. Which is fine, learning a new skill maybe earning some money, he wishes. Alfie wishes his dad was engineer something mainstream but, of course he’s not. Now Alfie has to balance his school work and exams whilst learning how to become the Grim Reaper!





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