My post about Asexuality…

So this is sort of rather personal, which is why it’s under a Read More link, so if you want to read it you can.

My asexual journey began when I was sixteen, although I wasn’t aware that it started then, it was January 13th 2011(Friday the 13th) and I’d just come back from my first ‘date’ with what then became my first long term boyfriend, sure  I was sixteen it was new and exciting, I’d come from an all girls school and boys were still new too me so everything about this was brand new to me, there was relationship stuff (holding hands, late night texting and so on) and there was sex.

I discovered quite early in our sex life that I wasn’t really enjoying it, I thought nothing more of it. We broke up the February of 2012, a week or so before Valentines day. That following Summer, when I was 17 one late night, I went searching, onto Wikipedia, I was curious, I mean I’d never felt the want or need to have sex I’d never felt aroused by anything so I thought I’ll find out if this is actually something. That was when I found Asexuality, I read about it all night and it fit, it made perfect sense.

Since then I have identified as Asexual, I’ve joined AVEN and talked to other asexuals and I’m happy to say that I myself am asexual, sure it can be difficult, explaining it to someone who just doesn’t get it can be a heck of a task but most of my friends, the important ones at least understand and accept that I am asexual which is nice, honestly.

So okay, this didn’t have loads of nitty gritty details but it didn’t have to, this was still a really personal time for me and I still like to treat it with respect.



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